Our Team

Get Creative was founded on the belief that the creative process can be enhanced and enabled by augmented, creative Artificial Intelligence, from assisting with ideation, to lowering the skills barrier for content production. It is our mission to enable everyone to unlock their creativity, regardless of their training.


Sharon Reid

Co-Founder & CEO

Sharon Reid has over 20 years experience in the creative industries, firstly working for Edelman, the world’s leading PR agency and then more recently as co-owner of The Imaginarium Studios, the world leading performance capture studio which has changed the way that stories are told. The studio has worked at the forefront of innovative and visionary storytelling on projects including RSC’s The Tempest, Star Wars The Last Jedi and Coldplay’s Adventure of A Lifetime video.  

She also set up Symbolism Studios, pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling by creating adaptive productions which are algorithmically tailored to each viewer. This new form of storytelling has been considered to be the future of broadcasting by the BBC.


Davy Smith

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr Davy Smith is one of the few people in the world who combines a background in the Fine Art(s) with deep technical research in AI algorithm design. He has an interdisciplinary background that spans creative practice and artificial intelligence, with 10 years experience as a practicing artist and creative technologist, a 1st class degree in fine art and a masters of research in digital media.

Davy has a PhD in computational creativity, focussing on the design and implementation of algorithms which aim to formally define the creative process. Before founding Get Creative, Davy was a postdoctoral researcher in adaptive broadcast technologies and artificial intelligance  at the University of York, in collaboration with BBC R&D.